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Matex uses several different materials in our low-cost plastic planetary gears. The outer ring gear is constructed entirely out of plastic while the inner planets and rollers are made of sintered metal. Carrier plates are usually made of ZDC2 but can be made in a variety of materials (from sintered metal to steel) when higher loads demand a more robust material. This combination of materials allows Matex Products to drastically cut weight and noise while still providing the strength required to handle those higher torque applications that an all plastic planetary gear system could not sustain.

0-44 in/lbs Torque Gears

Model: 54-6PAD (LGU 54)

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Product Details

Nominal Reduction Ratio 6
Actual Reduction Ratio 6
Maximum Torque (Ncm) 294
Weight (oz) 4.303
Low Temp (°F) 14
High Temp (°F) 149
Input Shape 4.5x3.5
Output Shape 12x11x1
Input Shaft Penetration Q1 (in) 0.71
Output Shaft Penetration P (in) 0.24
Fitting J -2-5 key 2 - width 7
Dimension A (in) 2.126
Dimension B (in) 2.224
Dimension C (in) 1.969
Dimension D (in) 1.732
Dimension E 22
Dimension F (in) 0.591
Dimension L1 Overall Length (in) 1.024
Dimension L2 (in) 0.591
Dimension M (in) 0.217
Dimension N (in) 0.217
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