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Matex's Sintered Metal gear provides an attractive option for those who have torque requirements that exceed what our plastic models can withstand but require something lighter in weight and less substantial than our heavy-duty steel models.

0-44 in/lbs Torque Gears

Model: 35-5SRS (LGU 35-S)

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Product Details

Nominal Reduction Ratio 5
Actual Reduction Ratio 5
Maximum Torque (Ncm) 353
Weight (oz) 2.187
Input Shape 4x3
Output Shape 6.2x12x0.6
Input Shaft Penetration Q1 (in) 0.29
Output Shaft Penetration P (in) 0.20
Fitting J ±-2-3 key 2 - width 4
Dimension A (in) 1.378
Dimension B (in) 1.535
Dimension C (in) 1.236
Dimension D (in) 1.102
Dimension E 13
Dimension F (in) 0.472
Dimension L1 Overall Length (in) 0.673
Dimension L2 (in) 0.354
Dimension L3 (in) 0.551
Dimension M (in) 0.197
Dimension N (in) 0.122
Dimension O (in) 0.157
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