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For those customers with higher torque requirements, Matex offers our steel Planetary gears. Quiet and efficient, Matex steel gears provide the perfect combination of rugged durability and low cost. Our steel gears are used in a wide variety of products from hoists to hazardous duty robots. Call or e-mail us with your requirements and we can help you select the proper gear for your application.

301+ in/lbs Torque Gears

Model: 146-5MEF20 (LGU 146-M)

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Product Details

Nominal Reduction Ratio 5
Actual Reduction Ratio 5
Maximum Torque (ft lb) 398
Weight (oz) 90.301
Input Shape 21x10x1.75
Output Shape 38x17x2
Input Shaft Penetration Q (in) 0.89
Output Shaft Penetration P (in) 0.55
Fitting J Hole 8- 6.16
Dimension A (in) 5.748
Dimension B (in) 5.354
Dimension C (in) 4.921
Dimension D (in) 4.488
Dimension E 50
Dimension F (in) 2.126
Dimension L1 Overall Length (in) 1.823
Dimension L2 (in) 1.004
Dimension L3 (in) 1.571
Dimension M (in) 0.551
Dimension N (in) 0.213
Dimension O (in) 0.213
Dimension R (in) 0.039
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