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    NEW LGU35 series

    Planetary Gears Module

    New LGU 35 models are unveiled. Best fit to small yet high torque applications. See if our new models are right for your application!

    High Efficiency

    Planetary Gears Systems

    Modules can be used singly or in combination to meet most reduction requirements. Units are available in reduction ratios of 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 and 7:1. Modules having the same or different ratios can be combined. Matex modules are available in plastic, sintered metal, and steel, depending upon application

    Low Noise

    High Torque & Load Equalization

    By employing a unique equalization mechanism. The first in industry to achieve 98% efficiency at single reduction, 95% at double reduction and 92% at triple reduction. Design flexibility: optimum reduction ratios by combining standard units.

Low-Cost, High-Efficiency Planetary Gear Systems

With units available in many ratios, sizes, and materials, Matex gears can be used singly or in combination to meet virtually any reduction requirement. First in the industry to achieve a 98% efficiency at a single reduction and a 95% at double reduction, our team is ready to work with you in specifying the right gears for your application. 


Matex Products was incorporated in 1980 and is a distributor of Matex planetary gear systems.We are available to assist you with any questions you may have and to help recommend the correct gearing for your application. Call us at 800.676.2839.

Low Torque Gears

Low Torque Gears

0-44 in/lbs Torque Gears

Mid Torque Gears

Mid Torque Gears

45-300 in/lbs Torque Gears

High Torque Gears

High Torque Gears

301+ in/lbs Torque Gears

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