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Planetary Gears Blog

Higher RPM Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
April 02, 2020 Category: High RPM Gears

We have been working on a new product line called the Tosh Tec, which is a high RMP planetary gear that can take a higher input speed.

Planetary Gears for Pumps

By Matex Gears
March 12, 2020 Category: Pumps

Matex Gears manufactures high-quality planetary gears for many industries and applications. We create various sizes and materials of our planetary gears and have a huge selection of planetary gear accessories to help create the perfect gear unit for your desired application.

Planetary Gears for Aerospace and Aircrafts

By Matex Gears
February 21, 2020 Category: Industries

Our planetary gears offer them simple and affordable solutions to their engineering struggles.

Reduce Motor RPM with Stackable Planetary Gear Systems

By Matex Gears
February 07, 2020 Category: Stacking Gears

We create our gears with our customers in mind, so we do anything we can to make their engineering more efficient. One way we achieve this goal is by supplying stackable gears to reduce motor RPM.

Planetary Gears for Robotic Applications

By Matex Gears
January 23, 2020 Category: Applications

We have an excellent general duty use gear designed specifically for an electric motor driving your application. Our variety allows you to have one gear manufacturer that really fills out your entire speed reduction need inside robotics.

Planetary Gear Manufacturer

By Matex Gears
January 09, 2020 Category: Planetary Gears

Matex Gears is a premium planetary gear manufacturer for multiple industries. We offer gears of all sizes, materials, planetary gear accessories, and resources.

How to Re-Order Your Planetary Gear from Matex Gears

By Matex Gears
December 20, 2019 Category: Re Ordering

We keep our re-ordering process simple so you can easily get the planetary gears and accessories you need.

Prototyping for Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
December 05, 2019 Category: Prototyping

A big part of finding the right planetary gears is prototyping, so we have all of the necessary resources for you to find the right gears for your applications.

On-Time Planetary Gear Delivery

By Matex Gears
November 06, 2019 Category: Delivery

At Matex Gears, we supply our customers with on-time delivery for our plastic, sintered metal, and steel planetary gears along with our planetary gear accessories.

Matex Gears Offers Standard and Custom Made Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
October 25, 2019 Category: Planetary Gears, Custom Gears

We are continuously improving our gear designs to better serve the needs of our customers including creating custom made planetary gears.

Online Tools to Help You Find the Planetary Gears You Need

By Matex Gears
October 03, 2019 Category: Resources

Our website is full of great information and tools to help you find the right planetary gear for your applications.

How Matex Gears Helps Designers Find the Right Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
September 19, 2019 Category: Planetary Gears

At Matex Gears, we offer every resource we have to make sure you know which gear you need for your exact application before you receive it.

Applications and Industries We Serve

By Matex Gears
August 29, 2019 Category: Markets

At Matex Gears, we provide planetary gears to a number of companies for a wide range of applications, in so many different industries.

How Matex Gears Can Help Universities

By Matex Gears
August 06, 2019 Category: Engineering, Universities

Matex Gears helps university's engineering departments with affordable planetary gears for their applications.

Accessories for Your Planetary Gear Systems

By Matex Gears
June 27, 2019 Category: Accessories

Matex Gears offers accessories to help your gear systems run as well and as long as you need them to.

What are the Advantages of Matex's Plastic and Sintered Metal Planetary Gears?

By Matex Gears
June 13, 2019 Category: Plastic Planetary Gears, Sintered Metal Planetary Gears

Matex Gears shares the advantages of working with plastic and sintered metal planetary gears.

What are the Advantages of Matex's Steel Planetary Gears?

By Matex Gears
May 30, 2019 Category: Steel Planetary Gears, Sizes

Matex offers plastic, sintered metal, and steel planetary gear, each with their own advantages for each type of application.

What is the Life Expectancy of My Matex Planetary Gear System?

By Matex Gears
May 16, 2019 Category: Planetary Gears, Life Expectancy, B10 Life

Matex Gears supplies our customers with the best planetary gears systems in Cleveland, OH. A frequently asked question is how long do our gears last? Read the blog to find out!

Proper Housing for Your Planetary Gear System

By Matex Gears
April 02, 2019 Category: Housing, Planetary Gears

Matex Gears tells us how to make sure we are properly housing our planetary gear systems in order to keep our gears working long and hard!

How to Properly Lubricate Your Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
March 19, 2019 Category: Planetary Gears, Lubrication

Properly lubricating your planetary gears will keep them working for you as long and as effectively as possible.

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