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Accessories for Planetary Gears that Stack and Do the Engineering Work for You

Matex Products Company is your one stop shop for Planetary Gears. Stacking gears can be key for engineers and unqiue projects to hit the right reduction ratio. Matex offers many accessories including couplings, spacers, output shafts, and joint shafts

What Accessories for Planetary Gears does Matex Have?

Matex Planetary Gear Accessories: Spacers, Couplings, Joint Shafts, Input Shafts, Output Shafts. All for Planetary Gears

We do offer input and output shafts, and some shafts can be used for both! Our spacers come in plastic, aluminum, and some in steel. We also have our couplers that can help mate your motor shaft to our inputs if you need it. These make your planetary gears really easy to stack and use for your specific project or engineering needs. 

Stacking Planetary Gears with Couplers, Spacers, and Input/Output Shafts

Here we have an MLD planetary gear with a spacer applied to it to stack the gears. This is a 75mm MLD planetary gear. 

Stacking a 75mm MLD planetary gear with a plastic spacer to another planetary gear to hit the right reduction ratio

Now, after the planetary gear is stacked with the spacer, we look at the input side, adding the coupler. 

Input Joint Shaft for Planetary Gear by Matex Products Company

The input side can go directly into your motor. You can bore that input out to have whatever size your motor shaft is.

Easy Output Shafts for Planetary Gears

On the output side - we make output shafts that are really easy to snap into place with the rest of your planetary gear stack. These can be really hard or expensive to acquire on your own and Matex makes it easy to use, affordable, and gives you options for the output shaft.

Full Stacked Planetary Gear with Input Shaft, Coupler, OutPut Shaft, Plastic Spacer

The final stack is shown above (uses two 75mm MLD planetary gears with a coupler, input shaft, and plastic spacer).

Matex Gears is Your One Stop Shop for Planetary Gears & Accessories

You won't be able to find these output shafts for a pricepoint better than ours - that is if you can find an individual output shaft sold on its own. This makes it convenient for the user and it does a lot of the tedious engineering work for you! 

Our website makes it easy to navigate our products, request more information, request a quote, or track down the right accessory. Contact Us today to get started and take your projects to the next level with Matex Gears. 




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