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Accessories for Your Planetary Gear Systems

Accessories for your planetary gear systems from Matex Gears | Cleveland, Ohio

Matex Gears is a provider of planetary gear systems including plastic, sintered metal, and stainless-steel planetary gears, planetary shafts, and planetary gear accessories

Output Shafts

We offer output shafts in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different applications. Our output shafts allow for easy mating of our spline output with customers' products. Take the hassle out of cutting your own spline while ensuring your connection is as strong as possible
We have output shafts for a 35-millimeter gear, 75-millimeter gears, 146-millimeter gears 446-millimeters, and more.

Some gear systems and applications require heavy duty torque output shafts, in which case we can work with you to ensure you are getting the right tools for the right applications. 

Custom Shafts

Many times, customers will need a custom shaft made. We can give you all the information necessary so that you can cut your own custom shaft. 


Couplings allow an easy way to meet with our male input shafts. Couplings are used when you need the capability of the male input without the hassle of meeting to a male spline. These coupling shafts allow for more torque to be carried as well. The best part about coupling shafts is that they allow you to achieve the torque you need without majorly modifying your application.


We have a variety of sizes and material for our spacers. Spacers are used to allow adequate room between two or more gears and still have that multiple reduction ratio. Spacers are cost-effective, light, and made exactly to Matex specifications ensuring your stack is perfectly spaced and runs optimally.

If you are in need of planetary gears that are made to work for you, no matter your application or industry, then contact us at Matex today. We have a lade variety of sizes and material planetary gears and accessories to help you have a well-rounded and long-lasting application.

Accessories for your planetary gear systems from Matex Gears | Cleveland, Ohio

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