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Get a Custom Planetary Gear for Your Unique Application with Matex Gears -

Matex Gears has partnered with Virteom  to engage our customers about our products and the technology behind the scenes that make it all happen. In this video, Jacqui and James talk about the great capability to get customized planetary gears with Matex Gears. Watch or read the transcription below!

Get a Custom Planetary Gear for Your Unique Application with Matex Gears

Planetary Gear Customization

Matex have a very extensive line of planetary gears and accessories. In addition to this great variety, you can also get customized gears. These products aren't necessarily a one size fits all. We have a wide range of planetary gear and accessory products that might fit your specific application, but every once in a while, we get the people asking us, "Can we customize this product for our very specific need?"

And the answer is yes, but there is a caveat. Generally, we don’t do any one-off projects because the expense would just be astronomical. But, if you have the volume that could justify them, we would certainly take a look at working with you on that. We have done that in the past and have been very successful at it for many diverse applications.

What Kind of Customizations Can Matex Do? 

We can work with both the input and the output for custom gears. If you have a specific type of input you want to enter our gear into, like sun gear, we can work with that. A lot of times we have couplings and other ways of handling that. Then again, a lot of people need output shafts or something very custom to their particular product. If we can work with you on that, we will. If we can't do it, we can also give you the necessary information to cut your own customizations.

Customized Designs

We are currently doing customization designs for several manufacturers. We add value to what we sell by working with you for your exact needs.

If you’re looking to add customizations to a specific planetary gear or for a unqiue project application, give us a call at (800) 676-2839 or you can visit our contact us page to get started today! 

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