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How to Setup Your Matex Planetary Gear for Your Application -

We want our products to work optimally for you and last as long as you need them to. Longevity is a concern for many engineers, because it’s affected when things aren’t set up properly. The first thing to look at here is alignment and we have a setup process for you to follow. With just a little care, your planetary gears will go a long way. 

Considering Alignment in Your Setup 

Those of you who know gears know that an overhung load will chew up a planetary gear pretty fast. To avoid this, you want to have proper bearings coming in and out to make your gear last a little longer. This takes the alignment concern out of the equation.  

We provide on the ring gear, which is what we fix on. We also provide through holes and a guide cut. If you’re stacking, this ensures that everything is in the right spot and can get easily fixed within your housing. 

Stackable Gears to Hit Your Reduction Ratio 

The big benefit to our planetary gears is that they are easily stackable. If you have a 3:1 ratio, you can stack to make it a 9:1, 6:1, whatever you need. We want to make it easy for you to hit your reduction ratio no matter what the application or required torque. 

Proper Lubrication for Plastic & Sintered-Metal Planetary Gear Systems 

Matex Sintered-Metal Planetary Gears and Plastic Planetary Gears use Lithium Soap Grease JIS NLGI #1 for Lubrication

Our plastic and sintered-metal gears use one type of lubrication, a lithium soap grease. It is JIS NLGI #1 (Japanese Industrial Standard) and you want to fill that casing 50-80% full for proper lubrication. This will remove any sound or temperature issues and keep your gear running well. 

Proper Lubrication for Matex Steel Planetary Gear Systems

Matex Steel Planetary Gears are Lubricated with Oil, ISO VG 100-150

For our steel planetary gears, you’ll just use oil. For this one, your standard is ISO VG 100-150 and you’ll want to fill that casing 30-50% full for the best lubrication. If you do this and care for it, the gear will work well for you for a long time. 

Housing for Our Planetary Gears

This is the last step. We don’t want to give you a housing unit that you have to mess with to fit your application. We offer the planetary gears, the input shafts, the output shafts, any other accessories you need. We give this to you so you can create the proper housing for your gear because you know your application and goals. 

Our through holes will make it easy for you to align the gears into your housing. Then you lubricate it and get it sealed. After this, your planetary gear is running great! 

Get Your Planetary Gears Efficiently

We offer planetary gears that you can apply as needed. Shortcut long lead times and back & forth by browsing our products here on the website and requesting information. 

You’ll save time on the test-bench and cut back on your time to get your product to market. Contact Us today to get started. 

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