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Matex Product Codes Explained

How Do Product Codes Work on Matex?

below is a transcription of the video

Hi everyone I'm Dan Carbone, and with me I have James Van Hala of the Matex Product Corporation. Today we're going to discuss how Matex Gears product codes their planetary gears. There seems to be a lot of confusion around the product codes for our planetary gears. We want to make sure you have the proper measurements before you order. So, can you tell us what's going on here? Get us up to speed:

How Does Matex Products Code Their Planetary Gears?

Product Codes for Planetary Gears

We'll be looking at the graphic (above) to discuss how planetary gears product codes work.

Understanding Our Product Codes:

Outside Diameter:

The first box is always going to represent the outside diameter of the gear. We have them ranging from 26mm up to 200mm. In this case, the 75 represents a 75mm OD (outside diameter).

Reduction Ratio:

The second box, is always going to be the nominal reduction ratio and we carry that in 3,4,5,6, and a 7:1 ratio.

Material of Planetary Gear:

The third box is always going to be about the material the planetary gear is made out of. In this case, "M" represents an all steel construction. An "S" represents a sintered metal construction. "P" represents a plastic construction although the internal parts the carrier plates and the gears themselves are sintered metal to carry more torque

Input Shape of the Planetary Gear:

The next box represents the input shape. We have several different input shapes. It could be a female input shape of several different varieties or it could be a male serration itself.

Output Shape of the Planetary Gear:

The next box is always the output shape. This is how you're going to interact with the carrier plate. We carry several different sizes of that, depending on your torque needs and we have them so that they are available to fit together.

Tooth Width of the Planetary Gear:

And lastly, we have the tooth width. In this case, the 12 represents a much larger ability. It's a much bigger output for the carrier that allows more torque in that type of gear

If you guys want to learn more about how to find the planetary gears product codes and you can use this video, fast forward it, rewind it just to really understand the planetary gears. Once you get the hang of it you should be able to match up the planetary gear that will work for you!

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