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Planetary Gears for Aerospace and Aircrafts

Matex Gears manufactures high-quality planetary gear systems for many different industries. One industry that has really benefited from our products is the aerospace and aircraft industry. Our planetary gears offer them simple and affordable solutions to their engineering struggles. 

Custom Housing for Planetary Gears

Unlike other planetary gear manufacturers, we do not force you into housing that might be too bulky, the wrong material, or the wrong shape. Our gears let you create your own custom housing so you can design it to your own specific needs.

Our planetary gears are highly efficient and cost-effective, and they allow you to solve these problems your engineers might come across when working with a set housing design. 

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If you are in the aerospace and aircraft industry and you are looking for flexible, high-quality planetary gears, look no further than Matex Gears. You can browse our website to find the gears you need or contact us today with any questions. 

You can also learn more about our gears by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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Planetary Gears for College Projects

By Matex Gears
July 13, 2020 Category: Universities

Matex Gears help college students create the best applications for their projects using our premium planetary gears systems.

Higher RPM Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
April 02, 2020 Category: High RPM Gears

We have been working on a new product line called the Tosh Tec, which is a high RMP planetary gear that can take a higher input speed.

Planetary Gears for Pumps

By Matex Gears
March 12, 2020 Category: Pumps

Matex Gears manufactures high-quality planetary gears for many industries and applications. We create various sizes and materials of our planetary gears and have a huge selection of planetary gear accessories to help create the perfect gear unit for your desired application.

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