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What are Planetary Gears? -

What are Planetary Gears? | Matex

Matex Gears has partnered with Virteom to create a video mini-series to answer some of our frequently asked questions. Watch the video above to hear what planetary gears are directly from Matex's President, James Van Hala. If you have questions you want answered -- contact us  today!

Planetary gear systems are used in many different industries and applications. Planetary gears provide two things industries seek: speed reduction and torque. Matex patented systems allow design flexibility with many options in size, ratio, and material. 

How are Planetary Gears used?

Generally, planetary gears are used as speed reducers. They are used to slow down motors and increase the torque. Torque is the working power of the machine. But we’ve seen our planetary gears turned around to be used as speed increasers, too.

What Industries Use Planetary Gears?

The variety and efficiency of Matex gears allow them to apply to be used in many applications across numerous industries. Just a few of our applications include motorized wheels, winches, automatic door openers, conveyers, medical field, fluid transfer, appliances, tools and robotics. We’re confident Matex has the gear to suit your needs.

Industries Using Planetary Gears:


How Can You Use a Planetary Gear?

Our clients use planetary gears in many different ways. One situation that is standing out is when they used our planetary gears for multiple applications in a hazardous duty bomb squad robot.

Our planetary gears were used to drive the wheels and arms in the robot. They also extended out to the claw – which is extremely important for this application because the claw is oftentimes used. Planetary gears are extremely reliable and efficient. As you can tell, there are many different ways planetary gears can be used all in one instance.

Matex's patented design ensures the planets in the Matex planetary gears always share equal loads, resulting in 98% efficiency at a single reduction with minimal heat loss and noise. At double and triple stage reduction, efficiency is minimally impacted operating at 95% and 92% respectively.

Learn More about Planetary Gears:

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