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What are the Advantages of Matex's Plastic and Sintered Metal Planetary Gears?

Advantages of Plastic and Sintered Metal Planetary gears from Matex Gear | Cleveland, Ohio

At Matex Gears, we supply you with the high-efficiency planetary gear systems you need to keep your applications running long and hard. We offer plastic planetary gears, sintered metal planetary gears, and steel planetary gear, each with their own unique advantages per application type.

Plastic and Sintered Metal Planetary Gear Systems

Our plastic planetary gears are actually a combination of plastic and sintered metal. This use of plastic and metal allows them to carry more torque through the gear ratio. 

For instance, in our plastic gears, the ring gear is made out of plastic, and the internals and oftentimes the carrier plate is made out of sintered metal. This allows the gears to be lightweight but still take a lot more torque.

Plastic Planetary Gear Systems

Plastic Gears without sintered metal cost less as well, but they have the lowest capacity and the shortest life.

Sintered Metal Planetary Gear Systems

Sintered metal gears are also cheaper compared to stainless steel planetary gears. Though they can still carry a lot of torque because of the thicker teeth, each tooth surface is being able to carry more of a load.

If you're coming to us with a specific set of requirements, we're more than willing to sit down with you and provide you with the best option for your particular project.

It all depends on your application, quantity, and budget. We show all of our options online. So, if you need any assistance choosing the right planetary gear system, contact us at Matex Gears today!

Advantages of Plastic and Sintered Metal Planetary gears from Matex Gear | Cleveland, Ohio

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