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What are the Advantages of Matex's Steel Planetary Gears? | Cleveland, OH

The advantages of Steel planetary gears from Matex Gears | Cleveland, OH

At Matex Gears, we supply you with the high-efficiency planetary gear systems you need to keep your applications running long and hard. We offer plastic planetary gears, sintered metal planetary gears, and steel planetary gear, each with their own unique advantages per application type.

Steel Planetary Gears Carry Larger Torque Loads

The main advantage of steel planetary gears is that they are able to carry larger torque loads. Although some of our sintered metal gears can carry a pretty large torque load as well, steel planetary gears are much more customizable and can still handle large torque loads.

Space Requirements in Your Application

In order for sintered metal gears to handle large torque loads, the gear must increase in size. The width of each tooth size on the sintered metal gears is increased, which makes them more resilient but also makes the gear much larger.

Steel Planetary Gear Sizes

Our steel planetary gears range from 75 millimeters up to 200 millimeters, so we do have a wide variety of sizes from very large to very small.

One Size Planetary Gear Does Not Fit All

Because we supply to so many different types of manufactures with differing applications, we provide you with our gears in an a la carte style; individually instead of in a set. This way, you can choose exactly what gears you need from size to material to functionality. 

This is also why we do not supply housings for our gears, but we do offer tips on how to properly house your gears to keep their longevity. 

We are always here for our customers to help them find what type of gear will be best for their applications and for their budget. If you have any questions about our steel planetary gears or any of our other gears, please contact us today.

The advantages of Steel planetary gears from Matex Gears | Cleveland, OH

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