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Why Are Planetary Gears Important?

What is a Planetary Gear?

Planetary gears are used in various applications to aid in achieving desired torque and speed reduction ratios. These specialty gears come in many sizes and materials. At Matex, we offer plastic planetary gears, sintered metal planetary gears, and steel planetary gears. The different sizes and materials help the engineer reach their weight, duty, and other goals in their applications. 

Why Choose Planetary Gears?

Planetary gears offer the reduced RPMs in your motors so that you can safely, yet effectively, run your application. 

Planetary gears can also be used to increase speeds if the application calls for it. 

Industries Using Planetary Gears:

Why Choose Matex Gears for Planetary Gears?

We manufacture both standard and custom gears and accessories for our customers. Our high-quality gears pair with our expert customer service makes us the best choice for your gears!

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Matex Gears manufacturers high-quality precision gears for a variety of industries and applications. To further improve and customize our gears, we also manufacture planetary gear accessories that mate perfectly with our gears.

How Long Do Planetary Gears Last?

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There are a number of factors that affect the life of your planetary gear, from the material, to the size, to the application, and so much more.

The Matex Planetary Gear Difference

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Matex is the leader in the planetary gear industry. Our capabilities and experience allow us to produce highly efficient, lightweight, and cost-effective gears and accessories.

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