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Category: Accessories

Planetary Gear Accessories Overview

By Matex Gears
March 30, 2021 Category: Accessories

Matex Gears manufacturers high-quality precision gears for a variety of industries and applications. To further improve and customize our gears, we also manufacture planetary gear accessories that mate perfectly with our gears.

Planetary Gear Spacers

By Matex Gears
December 28, 2020 Category: Accessories

Matex spacers are engineered to allow for precise spacing when stacking two or more planetary gears in sequence when higher gear ratios are needed. Spacers are cost-effective, light, and made exactly to Matex specifications ensuring your stack is perfectly spaced and runs optimally.

Planetary Gear Accessories: Output Shafts

By Matex Gears
December 07, 2020 Category: Accessories, Output Shafts

At Matex Gears, we manufacture high-quality planetary gears for uses across many industries. We have plastic, sintered metal, and steel planetary gears in standard and custom specifications. We also produce many planetary gear accessories such as output shafts. Matex Planetary Gear Output Shafts Our output shafts allow for an easy mating of our spline output with customers products. Take the hassle out of cutting your own spline while ensuring your connection is as strong as possible. U35-907 Output Shaft The U35-907 output shaft is custom made for our 35mm OD gears. We carry two sizes of this shaft for gears that need to carry a higher torque. U75-906 and 75-907 Output Shafts We carry two different sizes of the U75 gears for 75mm planetary gears. These are all made to fit the particular output configuration that we have. The heavier duty gears will need the U75-906, whereas the standard 75mm gears will fit the U75-907. U146-907 and U146-908 Output Shaft These two different shafts

Planetary Gear Joint Shafts

By Matex Gears
November 23, 2020 Category: Accessories

Matex Gears manufactures high-quality planetary gears for various industries. We create standard and custom planetary gears and accessories. One product that we do offer for a more customized application is our joint shafts.

Accessories for Your Planetary Gear Systems

By Matex Gears
June 27, 2019 Category: Accessories

Matex Gears offers accessories to help your gear systems run as well and as long as you need them to.

Accessories for Planetary Gears that Stack and Do the Engineering Work for You

By Matex Gears
November 30, 2018 Category: Planetary Gears, Accessories, Engineering

Matex Gears offers accessories so that you can built your applications exactly how you need it, whether your reducing weight or increasing torque.

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