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Category: Custom Gears

Custom Planetary Gear Manufacturer

By Matex Gears
September 29, 2020 Category: Custom Gears

If standard planetary gears won't cut it for your application, Matex is here to help you get the custom gears you need to achieve specific requirements!

Custom Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
August 27, 2020 Category: Custom Gears

At Matex Gears, we manufacture a wide variety of standard planetary gears in many sizes and materials. However, a standard gear might not always be the best type of gear for your application, so we also create custom planetary gears for our customers.

Matex Gears Offers Standard and Custom Made Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
October 25, 2019 Category: Planetary Gears, Custom Gears

We are continuously improving our gear designs to better serve the needs of our customers including creating custom made planetary gears.

What Are the Advantages of Working with Matex Gears for Planetary Gears

By Matex Gears
March 01, 2019 Category: Custom Gears, Planetary Gears

The advantage of working with Matex Gears for your planetary gears is really about how we can fit our gears to your specific application. We have so many different options in our materials, sizing, torque range and much more.

Get a Custom Planetary Gear for Your Unique Application with Matex Gears

By Matex Gears
December 14, 2018 Category: Planetary Gears, Custom Gears

Jacqui and James discuss customizing gears with Matex Gears. Matex customizes gears in their own product line or gears you need customized for your specific needs. They also discuss customization designs and how Matex can work with you to make sure your needs are met exactly.

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