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What Are the Advantages of Working with Matex Gears for Planetary Gears -

Advantages of Working With Matex Gears for Planetary Gears

The Advantages of Working With Matex Gears for Planetary Gears

The advantage of working with Matex Gears for your planetary gears is really about how we can fit our gears to your specific application. We have so many different options in our materials, sizing, torque range and much more. 

Custom Planetary Gears for Your Unique Applications 

When clients come to us they typically have a specific material, RPM, torque or weight restriction that they need their planetary gear to meet. We're able to achieve almost any reduction ratio with the products we have by stacking, or using different accessories or material. Our planetary gears are made out of plastic, sintered metal or steel and we offer different accessories to take the engineering work out of it for you. 

Learn more about our unique applications by clicking here.

Our Products Are Not Housed

Another advantage of choosing Matex for your planetary gears is our gears are not housed. You don't have to take a square-peg and fit it into a round hole. A lot of our competitors are selling these big bulky steel housings. Matex will sell you the gears, the spacers, the input/output shafts separately - that you can then take and create your own housing to your specific need (in regards to weight and size restrictions) and plug it right in. You don't have to try and fiddle with another person's specifications. 


The pricing of all of these things is a la carte and at the end of the day you get a product that is cater to your specific need. This allows you to save time avoid all little problems that may come up in the process when you're putting these things together and it makes it more affordable. We know you're trying to hit a price point - we know you are - and we're going to try and do that through our quantity pricing, through the materials we offer, we're going to get you where you need to be to offer your end-user the right product at the right price. 

Contact Matex Gears for Planetary Gears

If you’re looking to use planetary gears in your application, give us a call at (800) 676-2839 or you can visit our contact us page to get started today! 

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